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Time to save money, help the environment and encourage the economy by keeping more dollars in the US and out of your chimney.

These services are all about finding the faults in a home from an energy perspective and then prioritizing the improvements based on your budget.  You donít have to spend a fortune to start saving money and make your house more comfortable.  There are a range of services Tight House offers based on your needs. 

Energy Evaluations

An in-depth process that produces a detailed cost analysis report.  This report is necessary in receiving government financing.   An energy evaluation finds the big problems in your home so you can get to fixing them.  Your homeís evaluation will guide you to saving real money on energy.

These evaluations will produce a priority report and include Infrared imaging, Blower Door testing, and task specific cost analysis.

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Weatherization Improvements

Tight House can do the actual work when you are ready to improve your home.   Other home energy auditors often cannot do the improvements associated with their energy audits leaving home owners to hire additional contractors who may be unfamiliar with energy work.  Our friendly and skilled technicians will implement the improvements that you choose based on your home energy evaluation. These services may include but are not limited to:

- air sealing

-creating a continuous or changed building envelope

            -perimeter wrapping basements

            -building tight and insulated attic, knee wall, and bulkhead hatches.

            -insulating attics


            -window replacement

            -build interior storm windows

 Within the crew are skilled carpenters and coatings specialists. The owner and evaluator, Mark Hunter, has broad experience in the home improvements field.  It may be the opportune time to build your new deck or sunroom, replace a leaking roof or recoat your siding and trim

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