Tight House, home energy evaluations and improvements

We provide energy audits, home inspections, and can provide home improvment services to reduce your energy and fuel heating costs


Tight House, home energy evaluations and improvements


Homeowners:  Tight House is all about saving you money.  That is not all though. The added benefits of a tight house include a more comfortable home, longer home longevity and value, and possibly health improvements for you and your family. 

Investors/Landlords: If you are paying the heating bill for your tenants, Tight House deserves your call. Even if you donít flip the bill for heat, improving your properties usage records will bring in better tenants and higher rents. A detailed energy audit will give you a report of what is right with your buildings as well as what should be fixed. This will be valuable when it is time to sell. 

Real Estate Agents: Whether buying or selling, an energy audit is fundamental in establishing value. Demand that your sellers and buyers have them along with a normal appraisal or inspection, otherwise the client could be misrepresented.   

The Federal government and state governments are directing funds toward the weatherization of homes in the form of subsidizing improvements for low income households or attractive financing for improvements to middle income homes.  Now is the time to take advantage of these low interest loans.

The future must bring more responsible energy practices. In New England especially, our dependence on petroleum products needs to be curbed. There is a great opportunity to achieve 20-30 % savings in home heating and energy usage costs by having a home energy audit and implementing improvements. Depending on the scope of improvements, and current price of fuel and energy the payback periods are often 1-5 years for many improvements.

The building science behind these services is new and largely unimplemented. No home is perfectly insulated and air sealed even if it is new and especially if it is more than 15 years old.

The Tight House difference: What makes Tight House different from other home energy auditors is that we can tell you whatís wrong with your house and then we can fix the problems.  Many home inspectors provide their customers with detailed reports, but then are not qualified to do the actual home improvements.  This often forces home owners to hire outside contractors to do the home improvements who may be unfamiliar with energy conservation.  With over 12 years of construction and fine carpentry experience, Tight House provides the comprehensive services that energy conscious home owners demand.

It is only a matter of time before home heating oil costs rise back to $4-5 per gallon. 

Start saving this year on fuel costs.  Donít wait until prices rise again to make your home more efficient and comfortable.

A certified technician using a high pressure blower along with thermal imaging camera to detect air infiltration, that would result in heat loss in a customer's home

Tight House has the answer to your questions about home energy and can start the plan to conservation

Does your house have cold floors, drafts, uncomfortable spaces, ice dams, or moisture concerns?

Spending too much on heating costs?  Does it all add up?  Many homes have hidden issues that can be easy to remedy.

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