About Tight House

Tight House serves New England within 100 miles of Eliot, ME.

Tight House is owned and operated by Mark Hunter. He conducts all energy evaluations and implements all improvements. The following qualifications he brings to the process make Tight House competitive beyond other energy auditors:

-Certified Home Energy Auditor

-Certified Home Weatherization Technician

- 12 years of building experience in residential building, 6 years as an             independent   contractor. He is a skilled carpenter who has had exposure to many residential building trades.

-Bachelor’s Degree in Finance: He has a working knowledge of the financial principles driving the cost benefits of home energy improvement work. He   will guide the customer through the process of getting funding for their improvements.

Building construction science is ongoing. Homes were not built perfectly 30 years ago and continue to have energy related defects today. Take the opportunity to find out where your home is defective.

To meet with Mark Hunter call 603-969-2257 or email mhunter1@hotmail.com. He is excited to talk to you about fixing your home before the coming winters


Owner - Operator:
Mark Hunter

Common Home Owner Concerns:

Can you relate to any of the following scenarios?

“Mark, my bedroom floor is always cold even though I keep the thermostat at 68. Think you could help?”

“My roof has huge ice dams and leaks in the winter, do you know why?”

“I fill up my oil tank 3, 4, 5 times a year, is there any solution?”

The answer to these questions is YES, Tight House does know the answers and can help you solve these problems with your home.



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